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Cash for Bass Is a Tournament Series That Takes Place on Some of the Best Lakes in Michigan.

Official Rules

CFB rules shall remain in effect throughout the current tournament year. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament directors.

Rules for Crossing Into Canadian Waters

Based on changes made by both the United States and the Canadian government in 2017:

  • If you are entering Canadian waters to fish, you are not required to report to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) if you: Do not land on Canadian soil and do not anchor, mooring, including the use of Power Poles, Talons, or any other means of conveyance while in Canadian waters and do not embark or disembark people or goods in Canada.

  • Special Note; Canada now allows Flair Guns in Canadian waters.

Team Declaration:

  • Declaration of a team must be declared by the second event fished for that division.
  • If you fish the first event without a declared team, alone or with a partner, and declare a team at the second event, your points will carry over from the first event. If you fished with someone other than your declared partner in the first event, they would count as a sub.
  • If you change partners or have fished solo, then take on a partner after the second event, NO prior events fished will count towards points. Points do not carry over.
  • If you choose to fish solo as a declared team, you cannot use any subs at any time. 


  • Points for all divisions will be based on the 100 POINT SYSTEM: 100 points are awarded to first place team, 99 for second place team, 98 for third place team, and so on until all teams that have weighed fish have been assigned points. There are no points for showing up for a tournament or extra points for Big Bass.
  • Weekday division's AOY points will be a total of 12 events fished for that single division by a team, the first 12 events will be counted if eligible, and this will establish the divisions AOY. A team is defined in declaration rules.
  • Weekend division's AOY points will be a total of 6 events fished for that single division by a team, the first six events will be counted if eligible, and this will establish the divisions AOY. A team is defined in declaration rules.

Qualifying Events:


Each team must fish a minimum number of events in one division: Weekdays (8 out of 12)

 Weekend tournaments (4 out of 6). A team is defined in declaration rules.

  • Multiple events in different divisions are not combined to qualify for the classic. The qualification must be through one division.
  • Events fished in different divisions cannot be combined towards the qualification of AOY or CFB Classic.
  • Weekday Tournaments - Each team member must fish six events with the team fishing a total of eight events in any weekday division to qualify for the CFB Classic. A team as defined in declaration rules.
  • Friday Night- Each team member must fish two events with the team fishing a total of five events in any weekend division to qualify for the CFB Classic. Teams as defined in declaration rules.

Sportsmanship and Code Of Conduct

Participants in all CFB tournaments are expected to follow a high standard of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior by competitors in CFB events that can cause the immediate disqualification or permanent sanctions for participation in any CFB events in the future.

  • Use of alcohol or the use of drugs (other than those purchased over-the-counter or prescribed by a licensed physician) by any angler, during the tournament, will be a cause for automatic disqualification from that event and you will be watched. If it happens a second time, a full ban from CFB will be implemented.
  • Courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially regarding boating and angling near noncompetitors who may be on tournament waters. Any act of an angler, which reflects unfavorably upon efforts to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters, and courtesy, will be a reason for disqualification.
  • All competitors are bound by the prevailing laws, statutes, and regulations of Michigan and Canada. Some regulations may be different from these rules resulting in fines, citations, or other penalties at the discretion of law enforcement and may or may not result in tournament penalties. Competitors are responsible for researching local fishing and boating laws and regulations. Local and State laws prevail.
  • Heated public disagreement with CFB officials or its sponsors or other competitors during an event.
  • Public attacks through media, including social media, upon the integrity of CFB rules, sponsors, or its officials at any time.
  • Public comments that an angler knows, or should reasonably know, will harm the reputation of CFB, CFB officials, or its sponsors at any time.
  • Displays of anger and displeasure for reasons related to fishing competition during an event where members of the public, including other anglers, spectators, and the media are present.
  • Publicly questioning or criticizing at any time of tournament officials or official decisions, ruling, or penalties except through proper channels.
  • Abuse of physical, verbal, threatening, or slanderous attacks of tournament officials, volunteers, fellow competitors or others connected with all CFB events at any time.
  • Offensive or slanderous comments with racial, cultural, or sexual overtones regarding event officials, event personnel, or fellow anglers at any time.
  • Any disqualifications, suspensions, or other disciplinary actions imposed by any tournament or fishing organization may result in disqualification from competition and rejection of competing in any CFB events.


  • In the event of an emergency situation, competitors should call 911 first and then notify tournament officials as soon as possible and safe to do so.

  • Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times.
  • All boats must have all safety equipment as required by the USCG and any other safety equipment required in the area you are traveling or fishing.
  • Any time the internal combustion engine is on, both anglers must have a USCG approved PFD on and securely fastened.
  • The operator must have the kill switch, and it must be in working order, armed, and lanyard attached.
  • During the tournament, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate the boat while the combustion motor is running.
  • No fishing is allowed, sitting and or standing while the internal combustion motor is running.
  • In case of a weather emergency, you are allowed to beach your boat and seek safe shelter.
  • Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather based on the tournament directors’ decision. Your safety is our top priority. 
  • All state and local laws apply.

Boats and Motors:

  • Motors may not exceed the horsepower rating on the BIA plate. All boats must be equipped with a functioning kill switch and aerated live wells capable of sustaining a full tournament limit and in working condition.

Tackle, Equipment, and Fishing Methods:

  • Artificial lures only
  • Only one rod and reel may be used at a time.
  • Any rod over 8 feet in length is prohibited.
  • Trolling is not permitted.
    • Trolling is defined as operating the combustion engine to extend a cast or lengthen a retrieve.
    • Movement with the electric trolling motor is allowed only if the bail is open or reel disengaged. 

Liability Insurance:

  • ALL members must carry a minimum of $100,000 of liability insurance on any boat used during any event.
  • Anglers must provide proof of insurance upon request by the tournament directors.

Permitted Fishing Waters:

  • No fishing is allowed within 30 yards of a competitor’s first ANCHORED boat, (trolling motor up) without the anchored boats permission.
  • Power Poles and Talons are considered anchors if they are deployed with the trolling motor in the stowed position. 

Official Checkpoints:

  • Teams must depart and return from a specified location by boat unless otherwise noted.
  • Late arrivals will be disqualified.
  • In case of emergency, a team may bring their fish back in a competitor’s boat, but at least one member of each team must be present at check-in.
  • All fishing must cease before entering the check-in point designated by the tournament director.


  • Teams must cull down to a 5-fish limit before returning to official check-in location.
  • Teams presenting more than a tournament limit of five fishes will be disqualified.
  • Dead fish presented for weigh-in will receive a 1lb penalty. Determination of a dead fish will be by using the gag reflex method. A finger will be inserted in the fish’s throat to check for a gag reflex reaction. Determination of gag reflex results will be made by the tournament director and are final.
  • Teams presenting a short fish to be weighed will lose the short fish plus the big fish of the sack.
  • No culling of dead fish. 

Legal Fish:

  • Largemouth or Smallmouth, minimum length 14" on the longest straight line with mouth closed and tail pinched.
  • No courtesy bump or bumps will be allowed.
  • Any fish put on the board by the director and called by the director will be final.
  • Tuesday mornings will be a 3-fish limit. All other events are a 5-fish limit.

*Gator Grip Golden Rule 18inch is the official board of CFB.

Big Bass:

  • Anglers may choose only one bass as an entry into the Big Bass Pot.
  • A team’s big bass will be used as the tie-breaker in the event of a tie.
  • Big bass must be alive to be eligible for the Big Bass Pot and tiebreaker.
  • Ties for the Big Bass Award will be awarded to the team with the highest total weight. 

Substitutions For Tournament Series And For The Classic:

  •   A substitute angler will be allowed for ONE team member only for the Classic providing the substitute angler is from the same series and has qualified in the series fishing the required amount of tournaments. Minimums are as follows weekdays 8 out of 12, Friday Night High Roller Trifecta, and all Weekend Tournaments 4 out of 6 tournaments. All substitute anglers must be declared and approved by your tournament director in advance of the Classic.
  • NO splitting of teams. No pairings of different teams. You may fish alone if your partner can not make the classic.
  • For weekday teams, you will be allowed to have two subs or may also fish alone.
  • For weekend teams, you will be allowed to have one sub or may also fish alone. 

Participant Age Requirements:

  • At a minimum, one team member fishing the event must be over 18 years of age. 
  • Any participant under 18 must have parent’s signature on the waiver. 
  • A parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver at the boat ramp in front of a director. Once an under 18 years of age waiver is signed for that year, it can be used at any CFB events for that year.
  • If an angler is 16 or under, they must always wear a PDF including when the big motor is off, and the trolling motor is in use.
  • Due to the insurance policy, we will not be able to allow any anglers under 18 years of age to fish the solo events, with or without a person over 18 years of age in the boat. 

Blast Off:

  • Positions will be by chip draw, not the order of entry payment but can be changed by a tournament director based on conditions at the time of the tournament that would make sense. 

Golden Ticket:



  • You must present the Golden Ticket at the registration to redeem the award.
  • If you were not awarded the Golden Ticket, you would not be eligible to redeem the award.
  • Cash and prize winners are eligible to win the Golden Ticket.
  • Golden Tickets can be won by any team multiple times.


  • Inland lakes are off limits 12 hours before the event’s posted blast off time.
  • You may fish Lake St. Clair the day of the event but must notify the director that you were on the water before the event.
  • Not following these rules will lead to disqualification for that tournament.

No Buy-Ins:

  • You may pre-pay for events. You must physically fish pre-paid events.
  • If you pre-pay and do not fish, the event will not count towards events fished to qualify for AOY or the CFB Classic and your entry fee will be forfeited.


  • Directors must be notified of all protests before the close of scales.
  • Protests must then be submitted in writing to the tournament directors within 10 minutes after the closing of the scales.
  • A "PROTEST COMMITTEE" consisting of three fellow competitors will be randomly drawn by the directors, and will address all protests.
  • The decision of the three-person committee is final.

Classic Rules:

• All CFB rules apply for the classic. 


  • Starting in 2020 and continuing going forward you must have a membership, which is good for both weekday and weekend series events, starting with the FIRST tournament. 
  • You must be an active CFB member to fish any of the CFB qualifying events.
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